Warranty Statement

Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia Inc. (ADLTA) warrants to the original purchaser, with proof of
purchase, its supplied lamps for the following periods from Date of shipment.

Lamp Warranty

Six Months (Based on one switch / 10 hours operation per day)

Sunmaster (HID) lamps

  1. Upon receipt and or initial installation by the customer, ADLTA (Sunmaster) will replace any
    lamp determined to be defective in materials, workmanship or proper operating parameters.
  2. This replacement warranty applies only to the replacement of the lamp and only when the lamp is
    properly handled, installed and maintained in accordance to ADLTA instructions
  3. This warranty excludes defects resulting from improper handling, storage, installation, acts of
    God, fire, vandalism, fixture effects, or civil disturbances.
  4. This warranty excludes field labor or services charges related to the repair or replacement of the
  5. ADLTA reserves the right to change the warranty period without prior notice and without
    incurring obligation and expressly disclaims all warranties not stated in this limited warranty.


Lamp Performance
All performance ratings are based on lamp testing at rated watts, under controlled conditions, using primary
AC electrical circuits with the highest quality auxiliary equipment. The performance of any lamp may vary
somewhat under typical service conditions. All lamp specifications and ratings are subject to change
without notice.

Lamp Return Policy
ADLTA requires that any lamp that is required to be returned to have a Goods Return Authority
(contact customer service (03) 9800 5600) for a GRA authorization) Prior to ADLTA accepting any
goods back for warranty, also required by ADLTA is a completed lamp return questionnaire (See
Attachment) stating the control gear used, environment in which the lamp was running, type of reflector
being used and burning orientation.

Product Replacement / Liability Limits.
The foregoing warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy to the purchaser and ADLTA’s sole and
exclusive remedy to the purchaser.

No warranty of fitness for any specific or particular purpose is made or implied .
No other warranty applies.

ADLTA will not, under any circumstances, whether as a result of breach of contract or warranty tort, or
otherwise, be liable for any costs or damages, including lost profits or revenues, incidental, special or
consequential damages.

ADLTA reserves the right to examine all failed lamps purchased, and may request the fitting and or control
gear that the lamps were running on for assessment.

No Distributor, Salesperson, Dealer, Retailer or other representative has the authority to change or modify
this warranty, either orally or in writing, in any respect.

Refer to the ADLTA Terms and Conditions of Trading and Claims Policy and Procedure.