About Us

an image of rows of plants growing under Sunmaster Grow Lamps

The Sunmaster Range

The Sunmaster product line was developed by Venture Lighting International to provide optimised lighting solutions for a variety of plant growth applications.

Venture is the leader in metal halide technology, having developed more than 80% of the metal halide lamp types in use today. We also lead in developing complete lamp and ballast systems for optimum efficiency.

Venture is an Advanced Lighting Technologies company, a global organization dedicated to advancing light management through new technologies. Along with lamp and ballast development, we’re the world’s leading supplier of metal halide salts and HPS amalgams. For Sunmaster lamps, our dosing technology achieves more usable light energy for plant growth.

Indoor growers, large and small, trust our expertise. And no other light source can rival our metal halide technology in its ability to deliver customized spectral output to meet the needs of plants throughout the growth cycle.

Sunmaster is part of a diverse group of Advanced Lighting Technologies companies dedicated to advancing optimised light management systems.